Hands and Feet

Treatments for Hands & Feet:

  • The Express

    In a hurry, on lunch break, little short on time ... try our express manicure and pedicure. We will take care of all the essentials: nail shaping, soak, cuticle care and polish.
    Manicure $12
    Pedicure (25 min.) $25
    The Express Mani-Pedi (Combo) $36

    The Essential

    Manicure $15
    The essentials: nail shaping, soak, cuticle care, moisturizing rub, polish
    Pedicure (30 min.)  $30
    Soak, shaping, cuticle care, sole softening, moisturizing rub, followed by a relaxing foot massage and polish
    The Essential Mani-Pedi (Combo) $43


    Manicure $25
    Pampering treat: nail shaping, soak, cuticle care using
         •    Cake Beauty Cuticle Buffer, moisturizing massage with Cake ‘Milk Made’ Hand Crème, polish
         •    OR treat with  Essie Hydro-Massque to lock in moisture, followed by Essie Kirby cream massage

         •    OR
    using OPI skin moisturizing and massage butter that leaves your hands in silky smooth

    Pedicure (45 min.) $45

    Pampering treat: soak, nail shaping, cuticle care, hydrating mask wrapped with warm towels, moisturizing leg massage with a revitalizing OPI Tropical Citrus Gel that leaves your leg silky smooth
         •    OR Essie exfoliating clay scrub, followed by a luxurious Essie Kirby Cream leg and foot massage Deluxe Mani-Pedi (Combo) $67

    Hot Stone Pedicure

         •    Hot Stone Pedicure (60 min.) $50

    Pamper treat: soak, shaping, cuticle care, hot towels wrapping, 30 min. Hot Stone Foot Massage which is designed to calm your senses, improve circulation and skin elasticity while deeply moisturizing, exfoliating and soothing your feet with vitamins, minerals and moisturizing agents.

         •    Deluxe Hot Stone Pedicure (75 min.) $65

    Combination of Deluxe and Hot stone Pedicures

  • French

    Manicure $20
    The Essential Mani with a French accent
    Pedicure (30 min.) $35
    The Essential Pedi with a French accent
    French Mani-Pedi (Combo) $53

    OPI or Shellac Manicure

    The OPI Gel or Shellac polish is applied over your natural nails to provide a chip free manicure that lasts up to 2 weeks!
    Manicure $30
    Essential manicure included
    Pedicure (55 min.) $50
    Essential pedicure included

    Miss Priss

    Manicure $10
    You are never too young to be pampered!
    For ages 10 and under: nail shaping, soak, moisturizing,
    rub, polish
      Pedicure $20
    Soak, shaping, moisturizing rub, polish
      Miss Priss Mani-Pedi (Combo) $28


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    * Polish change $10 for hands, $15 for feet
    * Foot Massage 15 minutes $15
    * Soak off / Gel Removal $5

  • Artificial Nail Services

    Full set Pink & White Gel $60
    Pink and White Gel Fill $45
    Full set Gel $50
    Gel Fill $30
    Full Set Pink & White Acrylic $50
    Pink & White Fill $40
    Pink & White Dipping Powder $40
    Full Set Pink & White Dipping Powder $50
    Dipping Powder Fill $30
    Full set Regular Acrylic $35
    Regular Acrylic Fill $25
    Silk Wraps $50

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